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The New NSWA Website

NSWA Screen ShotFor your consideration, the newly made over North Shore Writers' Association website:

The website is now running on the Drupal content management framework and makes extensive use of the Views and CCK (Content Construction Kit) modules. Views is incredible. What I was doing with SQL queries I can do faster and easier in the Views user interface. More over, Views is theme friendly and likes to give a helping hand. The code snippets it provided turned a potentially hair pulling theming experience into a straight forward process. Combined with CCK for creating custom nodes, laying down the bones was easy. Kudos to Earl Miles, Jonathan Chaffer, Karen Stevenson and the other developers for such awesome modules.

Drupal 5.0 Beta

The Drupal 5 beta release is now available for testing:

A message from Dries this morning said only 3 critical bugs at this time and the chances are good that 5.0 will require fewer betas/RCs than 4.7.

Upgrades are always such mixed blessings. Great new features but the thought of site upgrades isn't appealing. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

October 2006 Vancouver Drupal Meeting

Drupal IconOne thing about the Vancouver Drupalier meetings, I'm never quite sure what to expect. Last night's meeting was the least technical so far and a lot of fun. Here are some notes with stuff left out to protect both the innocent and the guilty . . . . .

September Vancouver Drupal Meetup

The last Drupal Vancouver meet up proved an interesting buffet of different things. I didn't take notes, but here is a list of things still lingering in my brain:

  • DrupalCon Brussels Review, including:
    - discussions of new Drupal 5 features
    - the Drupal Association
    - Walkah's presentation explaining the infamous Pants module
  • Massoud presented an overview of his Asterix billing module
  • New Drupal sites released into the wild
  • “Stump the Drupal Ninjas” - A Q&A session of “how would I implement function/feature x”
    Joking aside, these are incredibly useful. Drupal is so feature rich and new modules are coming on the scene regularly enough I always walk away with some useful tidbits of information, whether I'm looking for them or not. Some of the topics:
    - A discussion of online payment options
    - Mapping options
    - Forum options

This meeting was one of our longer ones, with discussion taking us late enough there wasn't time to adjourn to other environs.

Vancouver Drupal Meetups Past and Upcoming

Richard Erikson posted a great set of notes from the August Drupal meetup: Notes from August 24th Vancouver Drupal User's Group.

Guido van Rossum's Q&A from the Vancouver Python Workshop

Guido van RossumI had a great time at the Vancouver Python Workshop. Kudo's and thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

Akismet Inside = Comments Outside

AkismetArrrr, thar be comments on deck! (Sorry, getting in practice for Talk Like a Pirate Day).

Thanks to the anti-spam power of Akismet and the coding prowess of Markus Petrux at I feel comfortable enabling comments.

Bryght Gets Brighter

Local Vancouver company Bryght has scored a heavy hitter in the Drupal community. Steven Wittens announced in his blog he is moving to Vancouver to become a "Bryght Guy". Steven is one of the original Drupal developers and until February the only other core committer besides Drupal creator Dries

Next Vancouver Drupal Meeting Set

The next Vancouver Drupal meeting is Thursday July 20th. Information at Drupal Groups site. There's going to be some really interesting presentations - Excellent!

Big Blue does Drupal

Some folks at IBM liked Drupal and wrote about it!

In Part 1 of a series titled Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site IBM authors Alister Lewis-Bowen, Stephen Evanchik and Louis Weitzman (apparently no relation to Drupal communities Moshe Weitzman) outline how they came to select Drupal. While I've never used Mambo or Typo3, the Drupal information is dead on to my experience. They also look at the blog oriented Movable Type, Word Press and TextPattern, and throw in Ruby on Rails for good measure.

The article is on the IBM developerWorks website: It's definitely worth a read if you're interested in an overview of some of the currently popular content management systems.


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