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Here Comes Another Bubble - The Richter Scales

Update: Unfortunately, looks like there was a copyright issue with some of the material, and this vid was taken down. Hopefully it will make a reappearance in an acceptable format.

Update 2: More information here: http://laughingsquid.com/bloggers-divided-over-lane-hartwell-photography-issue/

Seen in Susan Mernit's blog post Quote of the Day: Here comes another bubble, this YouTube vid made me laugh. Sadly, there's too much truth underneath the humour . . .

iA's Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0

Seen via gnucitizen.org via planet-websecurity.org: Information Architects Japan have produced a cool looking "Web Trend Map" and blogged about it at: Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0. They've made both downloadable and online versions available.

iA Webtrends Chart

Be sure to scroll down to the Less Japanese Jokes and More Revealing Coincidences sections where you'll read comments like:

"Google has moved from Shibuya, a humming place for young people, to Shinjuku, a suspicious, messy, Yakuza-controlled, but still a pretty cool place to hang out (Golden Gaya)"

"Skype has conquered a place that doesn’t exist."

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