Patch Management

At the September CIPS Security Special Interest Group meeting Robert Hawk spoke on patch management. A lot of what Robert had to say was pure project management and governance principals applied to the security domain. The value of Robert

Turning the Page


Last week my full time customer facing technical support position wound down. The company is closing their Vancouver office in a consolidation move. The timing of the lay-off is excellent for me. I've been exploring new career options, and this allows me to do so without the distraction of a day job as well as giving me a small safety net.

Although a generally a happy time, there are regrets. The team I worked in was awesome, and I'm going to really miss everyone. Quite surprising when you consider I worked the 10pm to 6am shift and seldom interacted with them face-to-face! (The day-walkers called my night shift partner and I the "Vampire Squad")

September Vancouver Drupal Meetup

The last Drupal Vancouver meet up proved an interesting buffet of different things. I didn't take notes, but here is a list of things still lingering in my brain:

  • DrupalCon Brussels Review, including:
    - discussions of new Drupal 5 features
    - the Drupal Association
    - Walkah's presentation explaining the infamous Pants module
  • Massoud presented an overview of his Asterix billing module
  • New Drupal sites released into the wild
  • “Stump the Drupal Ninjas” - A Q&A session of “how would I implement function/feature x”
    Joking aside, these are incredibly useful. Drupal is so feature rich and new modules are coming on the scene regularly enough I always walk away with some useful tidbits of information, whether I'm looking for them or not. Some of the topics:
    - A discussion of online payment options
    - Mapping options
    - Forum options

This meeting was one of our longer ones, with discussion taking us late enough there wasn't time to adjourn to other environs.

October Pythonistas Meeting

The next meeting of the Vancouver Python/Zope Users Group is:

Date:Tuesday October 3, 2006
Time:7:30pm to 8:30pm
Location:Uniserve, Suite 1550, 1055 West Hastings Street, Vancouver [Map]

Programming OS X with Python - Dethe Elza

ISO Security User Group Starting Up

Among the many ISO standards there's a set focused on security and governance, with ISO17799 being the big one. Wikipedia's article is here: ISO/IEC 17799. Just received notice that a local security user group is being formed for security knowledge sharing of the ISO kind.

Full announcement follows.

Arrr - Thar be wreckage

Well, I tried to get the Talk Like a Pirate module in for yesterday but it didn't come off. Next year.

Vancouver Drupal Meetups Past and Upcoming

Richard Erikson posted a great set of notes from the August Drupal meetup: Notes from August 24th Vancouver Drupal User's Group.

It's Been Quiet

I have no one to blame but myself. When a device the size of a thumb holds many, many, many hours of work, backing up is good practice and cheap insurance. I know this. Knowledge and action aren't one and the same.

I'd gotten into a great rhythm with my thumb drive. It was just so easy working across multiple computers; being able to write on the notebook when I was out and about and seamlessly taking the work back to my desktop, and vice versa. Losing the thumb drive knocked the wind out of me, metaphorically at least. And I was bummed.

Guido van Rossum's Q&A from the Vancouver Python Workshop

Guido van RossumI had a great time at the Vancouver Python Workshop. Kudo's and thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

Move Along, Nothing to See Here


Companion GraphicEverything is back! Also upgraded to the latest Drupal security release.

I have a set of backup/restore shell scripts for making command line backups of the database and file system easy. One command and less than 60 seconds later my site is backed up or restored. It makes site moves and safety backups for upgrades extremely easy. I contributed them to Drupal project there: Backup and restore using bash shell scripts.


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