Web Traffic Analysis by Jakob Nielsen

Jacob Nielsen has crunched the numbers on his website's traffic log for his latest "AlertBox" (his email newsletter) and has some observations:


I found his information on Incoming Traffic from Other Sites and Search Engine Queries particularly interesting.

Pythonista Workshop

The local Python user group is putting on 3 day Workshop August 4th to 6th. With beginner and advanced talks the line up looks pretty good (though with Drupal, does one really need Zope :-) To top it off, language creator Guido van Rossum will be there.

Workshop Website: http://www.vanpyz.org/conference/home.html

Summer Camp for Drupal Geeks

Just over a week ago I went to summer camp! Drupal Camp Seattle 2006 to be precise.

There were no three legged races or pie eating contests, though I suppose a brave soul could have taken a swim in Lake Union. This was a group of 40 or so technical and non-technical people getting together to learn about Drupal (Hint: This site runs on Drupal).

In spite of 40 laptop computers in a heritage building with marginal Internal access and no air conditioning on a hot day there was great energy in the room. Some of the nicest people are using Drupal for some very cool websites.

First Post


It was time Group42.ca got a website, so here we go!

It's a little anemic at the moment. Ideas outstrip time and like the shoe maker's children, it probably won't get as much attention as it deserves. Not withstanding, the plan is to slowly grow it into some useful and/or interesting.



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