Dale McGladdery

Dale McGladdery has over 20 years experience in public and private sector information technology and web development. He has also studied writing, corporate communications, and media, been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and holds a Diploma of Electronics in Telecommunications from BCIT.

Dale is active in the local IT community. In addition to attending numerous tech events each month he's co-managed the Vancouver Drupal Users Group and in various capacities helped organize local events like Drupal Camp Vancouver, Open Web Vancouver, and Northern Voice. He's also held executive positions with the CIPS Security SIG, Vancouver Linux User Group, Westcoast Security Forum, Vancouver NT User Group, and the BC VAX User Group.

Dale's non-technical pursuits include movies, reading, radio, podcasting, breaking bread with friends, and urban hiking. His non-technical website is Digital Doodles. He talks about movies on the After the Credits podcast with co-hosts Marina Antunes and Colleen Vince, talks about life on the Over 40 In Vancouver podcast with co-host Roland Tanglao, and is a senior producer on the Vancouver Co-op Radio show, Each For All: The Co-operative Connection.

Getting in Touch

If you'd like to get in touch with Dale please use the contact form here: http://www.group42.ca/contact.