Free Guide on Podcast Marketing Basics


8 Step Guide to Podcast Marketing Basics  CoverChris S. Penn has released The 8 Step Guide to Podcast Marketing Basics as both a PDF and MP3 audio book.

Don't let the "Marketing" in the title throw you off. The advice covers getting listeners. Period. For example, "Can you find your podcast easily". Seemingly obvious, but it's easily forgetten in the myriad of details. And for the people who seriously want to build audience or meet tangible goals, there's a couple of tips on how to start. It's a quick read, so also makes a decent checklist for those wanting to review their setup.

Tip of the hat to Podcast News.


I really do need to learn more about podcasting, although this trashy machine won't edit worth beans. Eventually I'll have something better, and with the Fearless City project I'll have to master this kind of thing, if only to help the bloggers use it.

This guide isn't about creating the podcast, it's about getting it onto peoples iPods after you've created it.

The July 8th Podcasting for Social Change is what you're looking for. It should be great.