Move Along, Nothing to See Here


Companion GraphicEverything is back! Also upgraded to the latest Drupal security release.

I have a set of backup/restore shell scripts for making command line backups of the database and file system easy. One command and less than 60 seconds later my site is backed up or restored. It makes site moves and safety backups for upgrades extremely easy. I contributed them to Drupal project there: Backup and restore using bash shell scripts.

I'm still getting familiar with the DreamHost control panel, but so far I'm liking it better than cPanel. It's definitely nice having control over the directory a website is created in.

Cross fingers, or hold thumbs as they say in South Africa, hopefully the fire fighting is over. I'm looking forward to focusing on content, again.


The green monster is slowly creeping up. Kidding. However, I'm a bit jealous I'm not more versed in this technotalk. One day. One day.