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Modules I Use


Devel A suite of modules containing tools for module developers and themers.

Field Modules

Date This package contains both a flexible date/time field type Date field and a Date API that other modules can use.
Link URL field type for content.
RSS field formatters Provides field formatters for the node RSS view mode. Notably, it adds RSS file enclosures back to Drupal 7.
Text Formatter This module provides a field formatter to render values in text, long text, number, list, and taxonomy reference fields as HTML or comma-separated lists.



This module will geocode just about anything you throw at it including addresses, GPX files, geo-tagged images, and KML files.

Security Modules

Security Review The Security Review module automatically audits many of the easy-to-make mistakes that render your site insecure.

Site Building

Global Redirect Global Redirect adds some sanity around providing consistant path aliases. It's usually recommended for SEO purposes but worth adding for a consistant path presentation.
Login Destination The Login Destination module allows you to customize the destination that a user is redirected to after logging in, registering to the site (7.x), using a one-time login link or logging out (7.x).
Menu Position This module allows for the creation of rules that will dynamically add the current page into the menu system at the requested spots. This makes thinks like active menu classes work correctly on individual pieces of content.
Nodequeue The Nodequeue module allows users to collect nodes in an arbitrarily ordered list. This list can be used with Views to provide featured content or lists on a page or in blocks.


Automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias.
Token Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents via simple placeholders, like %site-name or [user]. The Token module provides a central API for modules to use these tokens, and expose their own token values.
Views Views is block and page building tool that allows the easy construction of list and report style pages. There are a number of companion modules that extend this functionality to displaying slide shows and performing bulk operations.


Skinr Skinr's main purpose is to allow the theme to define a set of reusable and modular CSS styles, and to make those styles available in Drupal's UI.

User Interface Modules

Administration Menu Provides a theme-independent tool bar style pull-down menu for the site administration functions. Drupal 7 has it's own version but I like this one better.
Wysiwyg Allows to use client-side editors to edit content. It simplifies the installation and integration of the editor of your choice.

Other People's Module Lists

The Interesting List

A place to note interesting modules so I can avoid the pain of trying to trying to locate them again.

Absolute Messages Displays system messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page.

Address Field

A Drupal 7 field module to hold postal addresses, implementing a subset of the fields defined in the xNAL standard.
Bundle Copy Bundle copy is a replacement for the Content copy module which lives in the CCK project for Drupal 6.
Custom Contextual Links Allows you to add your own links to the contextual drop down widgets of blocks and nodes.

Default Content

Allows export of select nodes (along with attached images etc.) to a Features exportable.
Drupal SEO Tools Drupal SEO Tools module integrates search engine reporting, analysis and optimization tools into your website by providing a dashboard that integrates analytics reports with links to webmaster tools and Drupal SEO modules.
Field multiple limit This is a simple module that adds an option to limit the number of values to display on multiple values fields.
Hacked! This module scans the currently installed Drupal, contributed modules and themes, re-downloads them and determines if they have been changed.
HMS Field Displays a integer formatted as Hours, Minutes or Seconds.
Maxlength Maxlength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form. When the maximum length is enforced for a field, while editing content of that type some Java Script will countdown how many characters are left.

Multiple Selects

Rather than having the browser multi-select field, this modules allows you to have multiple select fields with the traditional FieldAPI 'Add another item' button.
Node Announce Designed to be used in combination with sites that heavily use Calendaring for events. This module allows you to create automated announcements for Node Types that have Date fields. (Lullabot Overview)
Rabbit Hole Add permission control/view access to node content types.
Resolve IP Resolve IP is a very simple module that adds the hostname of the IP that generated the watchdog entry in the recent log messages report.

Search configuration

Provides additional configuration options for customizing Drupal search.
Select (or other) Provides a new Forms API element which is a select/radios/checkboxes element that has an 'other' option. When 'other' is selected a textfield appears for the user to provide a custom value.
Shield Prompts for a password before allowing access to the site.

Token formatters

Provides additional token-izable field formatters. This allows you to easily and fully customize how fields are output.
Views Dependent Filters Allows the presence of exposed filters on a view to be controlled by values in another exposed filter. Dependent filters are hidden when not relevant, and their values are not considered when the exposed form is submitted.
Views Quicksand Quicksand is a jQuery Plugin that provides a nice animation for filtering or reordering lists of content.
jQuery Quicksand plugin page
Module Monday: Views Quicksand
Workbench Workbench provides overall improvements for managing content that Drupal does not provide out of the box.


Added a bunch here to my Drush mega make file suite over at