Podcasters Across Borders 2009 Early Registration

PAB 2009Registion for Podcasters Across Borders 2009 is off to an early start: PAB2009 early registration now open! It's being held June 19-21 in Kingston, Ontario.

PAB is an east coast podcaster's conference with an emphasis on community. It's organized by the personalities behind the Canadian Podcast Buffet, Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis.

Back in September I blogged about Podcasters Across Borders (PAB) 2008. I wanted to go but let the opportunity pass. After listening to the 2008 sessions I vowed I would go in 2009. With all the economic uncertainty I'm back to thinking very hard about it, though still more for than against.

Anyone else from the Vancouver area thinking of going?


Hey Dale!

Thanks for helping to spread the word about the coming conference. It would be great if you were able to join us for PAB2009.

By the way, PAB is anything but an east coast event. We've had a lot of central folks and west coasters throughout the years including Tod Maffin, Dave King, Ajay, Daryl Cognito, James Clendenan, Shelagh Rogers, Tim Coyne, Ted Riecken and Mark and Maureen Blaseckie.

Here's hoping you're able to be a part of a great event.


I'm not sure why my last comment was posted twice, though I realized I forgot to mention that registrations from the west for this year include Tod Maffin and Chris Sherry.

Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by! That dual post was weird. Fixed now.

The east coast reference was meant only to establish geography, not participation (but then, I guess I did that when I said Kingston, Ontario), and I have a bad habit of making Eastern Canada anything east of the Rockies. :-)

One of the impressive things about PAB is it's grassroots inclusiveness. I would hate to accidentally imply that people outside the region aren't welcome!


The Rockies do seem to cut the country in two, socially and geographically, to a certain extent. I know that you're not alone in your idea of western and eastern Canada. I think that we kind of view the Rockies as a bit of a divider, too.

Anyway, no offense taken. I just wanted to make sure that anyone who saw the post knows that the event is open to everyone and succeeds because of he people that are a part of the event.

I really hope you are able to make it this June.

Best wishes,