Narayanan Shivakumar on Google's Hardware

The following notes are part 1 of 3 from Narayanan 'Shiva' Shivakumar's presentation at the July 27th VanHPC meeting. These notes cover Shivakumar's discussion of the Google hardware infrastructure.

Narayanan Shivakumar Speaks at VanHPC

Picture of Narayanan Shivakuma

Last Thursday (July 27th) I attended the VanHPC meeting with speaker Narayanan 'Shiva' Shivakumar, founding director of Google's Seattle-Kirkland R&D Center. He's a very good speaker with a wry sense of humour and was extremely generous about answering questions. His talk, while interesting, didn't have quite the depth I had hoped for.

David Sifry Talks Leadership Hacks

Northern Voice LogoDuring a desktop file cleanup I (re)discovered my notes from this year's Northern Voice conference. Well, technically it was the Friday Moose Camp which preceded Northern Voice proper.

The following notes are from the Leadership Hacks session lead by David Sifry, a self described "serial entrepreneur", founder of Technorati, cofounder of Sputnik, and cofounder of Linuxcare.


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