Zoom H2 Recorder

Zoom H2I recently bought a Zoom H2 recorder and I'm loving it. It's a handheld stereo audio recorder that records directly to a SD memory card. It has four built-in microphones as well as microphone and line-in inputs allowing it to be used as an independent field recorder or plugged into a mixing board or other device. And it runs off 2 AA batteries. In short, almost exactly what I want in a handheld recorder.

Even though I've only just started with the audio thing I'm really happy with the results. But better to let you listen.

MAD Film Gab - Episode 24 - All About Fay Edition

Falling for Grace QA PosterMAD Film Gab - Episode 24 was recorded entirely on the H2 using the built-in microphones. The Fay Ann Lee interview was recorded using the H2 like a regular microphone with the included "lollipop" stick. The Question and Answer session was recorded by simply pointing the unit forward at Ms. Lee while she spoke. The Q&A audio did need cleaning up (I used Audacity). While the result is far from perfect, it's surprisingly good considering how it was recording.

Cry of the Phoenix podcast on Shebeen Club Radio!

Cry of the PhoenixThe Cry of the Phoenix book launch was recorded with an audio-technica Pro 88W wireless lavaliere microphone connected to the H2. A number of people were recorded because they were standing beside Ms. O'Connor and picked up on her microphone. Normally this is problematic. In this case it allowed me to get content I would have otherwise missed. I wish I could have mic'ed everyone but I couldn't, so I took what I could get!

IHR Episode #50 (Enhanced) - How We Make Our Show

Inside Home RecordingIn 360 degree mode you can simply place the H2 in the middle of a conversation and let it go. I've played around with this but haven't produced anything. Fortunately, Derek and Paul at Inside Home Recording have! IHR Episode #50 was recorded with a Zoom H2 while they enjoyed a bite to eat.

If you want more information and opinion, check out these links:

In spite of my enthusiasm, I have to admit the Zoom H2 isn't the be all, end all of portable recorders. However, at $220 there currently isn't another recorder out there that can give you this kind of quality.


I haven't actually been to the site in a few days. Nice new look Dale!

As for the H2, you know how I feel about this. Though I love my H4 like someone might love a child (yes, I'm exaggerating just a tad) I'm jealous about some of the functionality of the H2 and some days and wish I could win the lotto so I could own both.

Thanks for the links. I'll have to check out the IHR recording.

I know exactly what you mean, I so lust after the H4's XLR inputs. You just can't beat the H4 for being able to connect two microphones and doing a recording. Theoretically I can get a cable that will convert XLR to the a miniature jack format, but I don't know how well that would work.

I've recorded music on my h2, but even carefully follow the instruction manual, I'm unable to transfer the files to my Dell PC. The PC message box ask for me to insert the software disk that comes with my equipment. I didn't receive software, and I cannot find any driver online to download. Can you help?

I probably can't be of much help. When I plug my H2 in via USB, it asks me if I want data or audio, I pick data, then it shows up as a USB drive on my PC.

When I record at a friends place, she simply takes the memory card out and uses a card reader to copy the contents to her computer. Maybe that will work for you.

I've recorded music on my h2,I cannot find any driver online to download. Can you help?