Akismet Inside = Comments Outside

AkismetArrrr, thar be comments on deck! (Sorry, getting in practice for Talk Like a Pirate Day).

Thanks to the anti-spam power of Akismet and the coding prowess of Markus Petrux at phpMiX.org I feel comfortable enabling comments.

For the curious, installation of the Akismet Drupal module was textbook. There was an operational bump related to a firewall configuration but I a talk with my host and it was easily resolved.

Comment away or lurk, now you have a choice.


Will you be enabling the Pirate module?

Hey dude, I blogrolled ya, then clicked around and I see no blogroll! I don't exactly fit as a tech group, so what's in it for me? Information wants to be traded for equal, non-taxable information units, ya know!