Live Video From Parliment

Seen at, the Feds are streaming live video feeds from the House of Commons and other meetings: Choices of various streaming rates, audio only, and language (English/French).

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I think this kind of initiative is great, but having access is really only the first piece. I don't have the time or energy to stay on top of the raw feeds.

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What I'd really like is this combined with a kick ass indexing system! Archiving these and combining with written transcripts would be very cool; keyword search to find the content of interest then the ability to jump straight to it. Better yet, a way of registering interest in particular keywords like anything involving my MP or a particular subject and getting a list of those clips.

My wish list aside, kudos to those responsible. I think this a good thing.



We at Sliq built the Parlvu system for the HoC with their team based on our Harmony media asset management product so we were very happy to see your comments. Thanks from all of us here, glad you liked it. Regarding your wishes, keep your eyes open for some really cool updates over the months/years as the system progresses. I can't tell you what the House will adopt but I can say that our technology is built to enable the cool kind of stuff that you'd like to see.

Thanks again! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments.

Sanjiv Menezes
Founder and CEO
Sliq Media Technologies

Sanjiv, looking forward to the upcoming coolness!