Summer Camp for Drupal Geeks

Just over a week ago I went to summer camp! Drupal Camp Seattle 2006 to be precise.

There were no three legged races or pie eating contests, though I suppose a brave soul could have taken a swim in Lake Union. This was a group of 40 or so technical and non-technical people getting together to learn about Drupal (Hint: This site runs on Drupal).

In spite of 40 laptop computers in a heritage building with marginal Internal access and no air conditioning on a hot day there was great energy in the room. Some of the nicest people are using Drupal for some very cool websites.

Some photos (none of me):

People have posted their notes in the session topics at the Drupal Camp Seattle group.

Roland Tanglao from Bryght videoed quite a few sessions. They're posted in his blog.