Vancouver Drupal Meetups Past and Upcoming

Richard Erikson posted a great set of notes from the August Drupal meetup: Notes from August 24th Vancouver Drupal User's Group.

The next Vancouver Drupal meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 28th at 6:30pm. Information at If all goes to plan we'll get a report on DrupalCon Brussels. Wish I could be there! I remember how much work got done and how much fun the Vancouver conference was. Looking forward to hearing the latest plans and thoughts on things Drupal.


It'll happen. I haven't installed anything since the last time I isntalled the database stuff. I keep looking at it and saying that I need to get it going but I always find other stuff. Not to mention the fact that the fresh start I planned for Sunday didn't happen because I felt like a used kleenex. Sigh. I guess it'll have to way a few more days.