October 2006 Vancouver Drupal Meeting

Drupal IconOne thing about the Vancouver Drupalier meetings, I'm never quite sure what to expect. Last night's meeting was the least technical so far and a lot of fun. Here are some notes with stuff left out to protect both the innocent and the guilty . . . . .

Sites in the Wild

I thought I'd arrived on time but things had started, none-the-less. Note to self, arrive early even if your excuse for arriving on time is procurement of refreshing beverages. In progress was a review of interesting Drupal sites found in the "wild". Sites reviewed included:

If you looking for directories of Drupal sites

Drupal Association

We very briefly touched on the Drupal Association. It's a platform to give Drupal a legal existence for things like registering trademarks and bank accounts. For more info there's a website: http://association.drupal.org/, and this video from DrupalCon Brussels 2006.

Google Love

Boris gave us a tangible and humourous demonstration of how Drupal can bring you Google love.

Stump the Ninja

The only question for the ninjas regarded transactional gateways. The two cited as possibilities were authorize.net and e-xact. e-xact has the advantage of Drupal modules. There was discussion around the current state of payment services and some of the players.

Sites by Members

In the (new) sites by members category: