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Riese: From Bytes to Broadcast

In May I attended Melting Silos Case Study – Riese: From Bytes to Broadcast, a talk in the What’s Going On Salon series. From the talk description:

Join Riese series creators Kaleena Kiff and Ryan Copple as they share their combined learned experiences in navigating the constantly shifting landscape of new media in taking their Vancouver based web series production mainstream. Among their unique insights are models of remaining adaptable as the landscape shifts, strategies for harnessing a fan base and planning ahead for the jump to mainstream media. They will showcase their multiplatform property including examples of their ARG and their iPhone game app.

Kaleena Kiff is no stranger to television production. She worked as a child actor in California and after getting her BA from McGill moved behind the camera (though she does have bit-part credits on Supernatural and Smallville). Ryan Copple graduated with a Masters of Forensic Psychology in Nebraska then moved to Vancouver to pursue a film career. Their presentation was a rapid fire staccato of detail organized into topic areas. Unlike so many presentations, the detail was imbued with their personality and experience, making for both an entertaining and informative session.

Kaleena Kiff and Ryan Coople at What's Going On Salon

Kiff started by pointing out these are still early days for Riese. Though progress is excellent, the presentation was framed as success to date, not the final summary. Here, with no specific narrative, are my notes from the presentation:

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