Vancouver Mozilla Service Week (2009)

Last week was Mozilla Service Week and local Mozilla Messaging Technical Support Lead Roland Tanglao organized a Vancouver event at the offices of Agentic. At this point many Drupalistas are probably thinking: Wait a minute, is this the same Roland who used to work at Bryght? Yes, yes it is. And Vancouver readers are probably thinking: Wait a minute, Mozilla has an office in Vancouver? Yes, yes they do. I suspect Roland's short time there has already raised their community profile by a number of hundreds of percent.

The event was primarily Drupal focused, but all topics were welcome. As luck would have it, there was a excellent mix of technical resources and people with questions. It was a wonderful mix of round table, Q & A, and birds-of-a-feather.

Vancouver Mozilla Service Week Participants

Half of the Vancouver Participants (Wish I had wide angle)

A very big thank you and props to Agentic's Darko Hrgovic and Phillip Djwa for an excellent job hosting and facilitating. And a big thank you to Roland for organizing.