"Indispensable Modules" from Drupal Camp Victoria 2008

Drupal Camp Victoria seems long past but it was only six week ago we descended on North Studio for some Drupal geekery and general fun. Ever the video nut, I caught a handful of sessions on camera. In this session, Indispensable Modules, Rene Hache of North Studio gives an excellent run down of the Drupal modules North Studio finds, well, indispensable. He also provided presentation notes: Modules We Can't Live Without.

DCVic08: Indispensable Modules

The video can also be viewed directly: DCVic08: Indispensable Modules at blip.tv


Nice presentation. He really shouldn't say "Earls" though for URLs. Really.
Like, I said, nice presentation though.

I do have a bad habit of saying "Earls". Never know how us frenchmen are going to say stuff sometimes!


I know this comment is almost a year after you did this and some of the modules have been updated since then.

I will say though, that the information was AMAZING. I've recently just got into Drupal for something that needs to be done at work and although the learning curve is INSANE, the modules for this CMS are nothing short of amazing.

So thanks for sharing the gems :D