Rick Vugteveen: Building a Blog in Drupal

Most experienced Drupal developers don't give a second thought to creating blogs, but if you're just starting out an overview is usually welcome. That's just what Rick Vugteveen from ImageX Media delivered in his presentation, Building a Blog in Drupal: When, Why and How, at the February 2009 meeting of the Vancouver League of Drupaliers (Vancouver's Drupal user group).

The slides from Rick's presentation are available at his website, rickvug.com, in the post: "Building a Better Blog With Drupal" Slides Are Up.

Building a Better Blog With Drupal

This video can also be viewed directly at: Building a Better Blog With Drupal by Rick Vugteveen


I admit that it was a bit odd to open up my RSS reader to see this on Drupal Planet. You did a great job on the video. As well, the after-the-fact introduction flub wasn't as bad as I first remembered. :)

I want to openly invite anyone who has questions to post them here or on my blog. I hope to answer all questions within a day or two. As time allows, I plan to turn the presentation into a series of tutorials so people can follow along more easily.

I know what you mean, it's still a bit of a shock when I see my name pop up where I'm not expecting it!

Your presentation is one of the few that had multiple people asking me if/when a video was being posted.

Nice job, I really appreciated your discussion of the WYSIWYG editors and use of Views.