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Rick Vugteveen: Building a Blog in Drupal

Most experienced Drupal developers don't give a second thought to creating blogs, but if you're just starting out an overview is usually welcome. That's just what Rick Vugteveen from ImageX Media delivered in his presentation, Building a Blog in Drupal: When, Why and How, at the February 2009 meeting of the Vancouver League of Drupaliers (Vancouver's Drupal user group).

Audrey Foo: Apache Solr Search

If you've been hearing about how Apache Solr is a great solution for search and looking for a nice introduction, look no further. In this video taken at the January 2009 meeting of the Vancouver League of Drupaliers (Vancouver's Drupal user group) Audrey Foo explains how to install and use Apache Solr with the Drupal Apache Solr Search Integration module.

Email Newsletters and the Simplenews Module

In April 2008 the Vancouver League of Drupalers featured a presentation on email newsletters by Monique Trottier of Boxcar Marketing titled: Email Newsletters: WTF?, and an overview of the Simplenews module by yours truly.

The video of Monique's presentation turned out well and can be viewed with complete show notes at Email Newsletters: WTF? (6 Mistakes to Avoid), or by watching the embedded video below. It's filled with practical information and a must-see for anyone serious about using newsletters.

My presentation didn't video so well, so here's the recreated notes:


Simplenews is a module that adds newsletters to Drupal. It has the following major features:

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