"Taking Logic Out of Your Template Files" from Drupal Camp Victoria 2008

Rene Hache of North Studio presents Taking Logic Out of Your Template Files at Drupal Camp Victoria 2008. In this session Rene discusses template file theming and the separation of presentation and logic. It proved an engaging session with the Q & A lasting almost as long as the original session. By popular demand, Rene made the North Studio base theme available for download from the Drupal Camp Victoria website: northstudio.com Theme.

DCVic08: Taking Logic Out of Your Template Files

The video can also be viewed directly: DCVic08: Taking Logic Out of Your Node Template Files at blip.tv

For a summary of Drupal Camp Victoria check out: Drupal Camp Victoria 2008.


That's a really good presentation with some great tips. Thanks for recording it Dale.

Thanks for putting up that presentation.

You may want to let people know that we will be releasing our theme for Drupal 6 on Drupal.org very soon. It will be officially be called Layout Studio. Anyone who wants an advanced copy can contact me.


Happy to put up the presentation!

Both of our themes are now available on our Drupal Camp Victoria site: http://drupalcamp.northstudio.com/blog/northstudiocom-theme

The Drupal 6 theme in particular is fantastic for developers, as we have introduced many enhancements.



thanks Rene,

You are a great teacher... really enjoyed the video..


Thanks Rene. You are a very good tutor. Unfortunately I couldn't hear all the questions, but then I guess I should have been there. But the check you put in to see if everyone gets it and the easy pace is very nice.

You mentioned that devel was necessary to see dpm output. Do you mean just to easily see the output while developing the theme?
Or is devel required to run the theme?
E.g. do you need to have devel installed to have your theme use the $delta variable to set your class attributes in lists (like you showed in your example).
I've been told never to use devel in a production environment.

Willem, I don't know if Rene is following the comments in this post. I believe I can answer your question, though.

Regarding dpm, it's the first one: "to easily see the output while developing the theme." It isn't a prerequisite for using theming variables like $delta.

Your information is correct, Devel should never be left enabled in a production environment. In some limited situations it might be ok to turn on for a short time to help fix a problem.

Thanks Dale. I have my eclipse configured (finally) and my Devel updated on my testsite. Layoutstudio and Mothership are all set. I'm looking forward to the weekend. (famous last words)