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New Drupal Page on Group42

Book and QuillI've been playing around a Drupal reference page for a while. Someplace to capture those interesting interweb articles, blog posts, and search engine results that never seem findable 48 hours after reading them. The page seems to be at a point where others might find it useful so I'm releasing it into the wild.

For your consideration:

The New NSWA Website

NSWA Screen ShotFor your consideration, the newly made over North Shore Writers' Association website:

The website is now running on the Drupal content management framework and makes extensive use of the Views and CCK (Content Construction Kit) modules. Views is incredible. What I was doing with SQL queries I can do faster and easier in the Views user interface. More over, Views is theme friendly and likes to give a helping hand. The code snippets it provided turned a potentially hair pulling theming experience into a straight forward process. Combined with CCK for creating custom nodes, laying down the bones was easy. Kudos to Earl Miles, Jonathan Chaffer, Karen Stevenson and the other developers for such awesome modules.

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