Drupal Camp Seattle

Drupal Camp Seattle 2007

Drupal Camp Seattle PictureCongrats and thanks to Robin Barre (robeano), www.rufdesigns.com, and Gregory Heller (GregoryHeller), CivicActions, for a great DrupalCamp Seattle 2007. Good job you two!

Also thanks to the sponsors, CivicActions, Pyramid Communications, and Uptown Espresso for the food and coffee. The coffee was great and the snacks were a first class nice touch.

And we had real wireless this year!!! It wasn't blazing, but it was solid enough for Roland to stream video. Or maybe it wasn't blazing because of Roland's streaming ....

This year's event was a one day affair. On the plus side it meant I could hitch a ride down for the day and not have to worry about a place to stay (though getting up at 4am to do it was brutal). On the down side there was less opportunity to mix. Still, socializing did occur and it was nice to touch bases with some folks I hadn't seen for a while.

Highlights for me were Robin's jQuery session and seeing how Gregory approached creating the demo website.

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