Audrey Foo: Apache Solr Search

If you've been hearing about how Apache Solr is a great solution for search and looking for a nice introduction, look no further. In this video taken at the January 2009 meeting of the Vancouver League of Drupaliers (Vancouver's Drupal user group) Audrey Foo explains how to install and use Apache Solr with the Drupal Apache Solr Search Integration module.

Jim DeLaHunt: International and Multilingual Drupal Sites

Jim DeLaHunt's presentation of International and Multilingual Drupal Sites at the November 2008 meeting of to the Vancouver League of Drupaliers.

Vancouver Freebase Meetup Report

Sunday February 22nd I had the pleasure of brunching with a group of Freebase enthusiasts. What's Freebase? Here's an explanation from the Freebase website page:

"Taking Logic Out of Your Template Files" from Drupal Camp Victoria 2008

Rene Hache of North Studio presents Taking Logic Out of Your Template Files at Drupal Camp Victoria 2008. In this session Rene discusses template file theming and the separation of presentation and logic. It proved an engaging session with the Q & A lasting almost as long as the original session.

Eliminating Conditional Stylesheets - An Alternative Approach to Browser Specific CSS

Note: It's worth reading through the comments on this post, this technique isn't as useful as it first appears - Dale, Feb 18/09

Drupal 6 Template Variables - Going to the Source

The addition of preprocessor functions to Drupal 6 makes customizing template variables straightforward and clean (bravo to everyone who made this happen!). Have you ever wondered where the variables come from? It's actually helpful knowing, even if you're a themer with basic PHP knowledge.

Some reasons why:

Crowdsourcing – Monica Hamburg

Crowdsourcing: A term commonly used to describe mass collaboration via social media tools.

The unwashed masses coming together to solve a business problem? Interesting theory but could it work in practice? The answer seems to be yes.

Building Your Personal Brand - Rebecca Bollwitt

Last November Vancouver's social media star Rebecca Bollwitt spoke on Building Your Personal Brand to a very full house at the November 2008 meeting of Third Tuesday Vancouver. I was pleased that Third Tuesday Vancouver's host Tanya and Rebecca gave me permission to tape it. Although the video is very dark, the sound is good and Rebecca did a great presentation.

Theming Views 2 – The Basics

Views 2 provides a well structured theming environment allowing presentation control for each element of your view. And in my humble opinion, it rocks!

Those with no past experience with Views 1 will find Views 2 uses standard PHPTemplate theming techniques. All of your experience theming Drupal can be used with Views.

Vancouver Code Sprint for Fearless City

Fearless CityThanks to the organizing skills of Ariane on this coming Sunday December 14th the Vancouver League of Drupaliers, Vancouver's Drupal user group, is holding a code sprint for Fearless City. Fearless City is non-profit community arts project designed to give a voice to the disadvantages in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES).

If you'd like to help out we'd love to have you!

Check here for details:

Also check out Dave's post, Fearlesss City and Vancouver Drupal Geeks Code Sprint for Festive Good!, and the Drupal Camp Vancouver post, Code Sprint Does Good!.


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